June 1, 2017

Street Cleaning

The Board of Directors has contracted with F&J Services to clean the streets in the community.  Services will include removing winter sand and other debris from the curblines, corners, and the travel lanes using backpack blowers and a parking lot vacuum.

The work is scheduled for WEDNESDAY, April 20.  Rain date:  Thursday, April 21.

 Please move all vehicles from the on-street parking spaces, (including behind the multi-family homes on Stanbridge Place) by 7:30 A.M. on April 20 (or April 21, if applicable). Vehicles Left in the on-street parking areas will impede the efforts of the crews to clean the parking lots and slow their work, and thus may be towed if necessary and at the owner’s sole expense and liability.  Vehicles may be returned to the on-street spaces once the work is done.

Please Note:  Individual driveways are not included in the scope of work, but residents are encouraged to sweep the sand from your own driveway into the street a few days before the work begins.